Acts Of Agony

by Arayana

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Debut album "Acts Of Agony", out January 20th, 2017.


releases January 20, 2017

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Arayana Versailles, France

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Track Name: Act 1: Permafrost
After countless years,
I am back to sit on the throne.
My reign shall start,
As your hopes go down.

Hidden from false stories,
A masquerade to forget a darker past.
Frozen in memories,
As the souvenir of a time elapsed.

Your will know cataclysm as your final outcome,
Pray for your bleakest hour is to come,
This is not evolution, this is a downfall.

The watchers will soon return,
And the ice will choke these lands,
Follow the glacial path,
Or succomb to the permafrost.

Frailty won't be tolerated.
Your primitive instincts,
Were born with blood in your hands,

Pain is the key.

Apostasy will end,
And this world will kneel,
Behind me the truth still lays concealed,
Witness your empires fall in slow motion,
The ice crown is mine.


Fear the wrath of an ancient guardian,
Embrace the cold or face your fucking demise.

Bow down before the cryomancer.

How can someone be led astray this way,
From hunters to hunted, bathing in dismay,
Disclose your outlet in pain,
A deadly fall blossoms behind the curtain.

You can't perceive what's amongst shadows.
Even your own doom under this Cimmerian snowstorm.
I am icemade, I am iceborn,
The extinction to prevent from misty tomorrows.

I, the heir of ice... And pain.

Apostasy will end, and this world will kneel,
Descry the exordia of deceit,
Witness your empires fall in slow motion,
The prelude to your extinction,
The condamnation of your lethargy within the permafrost.